Covid-19 Travelling Updates

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Covid-19 Travelling Updates

International Travel Health Protocols During the Covid-19 Period

© November 2021

All international travelers, both Indonesian Citizens and Foreign Citizens must comply with the following conditions/requirements:

  1. Comply with the provisions of the health protocol set by the Indonesian government;
  2. Show negative results through the RT-PCR test in the country of origin whose samples are taken within a maximum period of 3 x 24 hours before the departure time and attached at the time of the Indonesian international health check or e-HAC;
  3. Specific conditions/requirements for international travelers as follows:
    1. Indonesian citizens are required to show a card or certificate (physical or digital) having received a complete dose of Covid-19 vaccine as a requirement to enter Indonesia, and in the event that Indonesian citizens have not received the vaccine abroad, they will be vaccinated at the quarantine place upon arrival in Indonesia after the second RT-PCR examination with negative results;
    2. Foreigners are required to show a card or certificate (physical or digital) having received the full dose of Covid-19 vaccine as a requirement to enter Indonesia;
    3. Foreigners who are already in Indonesia and will travel, both domestically and internationally, are required to vaccinate through a program or mutual cooperation scheme in accordance with statutory regulations; and
    4. The obligation to show a Covid-19 vaccination card or certificate (physical or digital) is excluded for foreigners holding diplomatic visas and official visas related to official/state visits of foreign officials at ministerial level and above and foreigners who are included in Indonesia under the Travel Corridor Arrangement scheme, according to the principle of reciprocity, while still implementing strict health protocols.
  4. Upon arrival, RT-PCR retests are carried out for international travelers and are required to undergo quarantine for 5 x 24 hours, with the following conditions:
    • For Indonesian citizens, namely Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI); Students/students; or Government Employees returning from overseas official trips in accordance with the Decree of the Head of the Task Force for Handling Covid-19 N°. 11 of 2021 concerning Entry Points, Quarantine Places, and the Obligation of RT-PCR for Indonesian Citizens, International Travelers, with costs borne by the Indonesian government.
    • For Indonesian citizens not in the criteria as referred above and for foreigners, including foreign diplomats, undergoing quarantine at a quarantine accommodation hotels that has obtained certification for the implementation of Covid-19 quarantine accommodation by the Ministry of Health at the cost borne independently.
  5. In the event that the Head of the Foreign Representative and the family on duty in Indonesia can self-quarantine at their respective residences for 5 x 24 hours;
  6. For Indonesian citizens and foreigners, a second RT-PCR test was carried out on the 4th day of quarantine;
  7. In the event that the RT-PCR retest shows a negative result, then after being quarantined for 5 x 24 hours, Indonesian citizens and foreigners can be declared quarantined; the person concerned is also allowed to self-quarantine for 14 days and apply health protocols;

This regulation is effective from October 14, 2021 until a time to be determined later.

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